Polar Ice Program Cancellation Policy

What If I’m Going Out of Business?

The Polar Ice program cancellation policy comes into effect most often when we have customers go out of business in Denver. As this can be a difficult time for business owners, we’re here to help as much as possible. Below we've provided steps to take if you're needing to cancel your rental due to closure:

  • Inform us of your cancellation following our 30-day notice policy. It’s difficult for us to pick up your machine without this advance notice. Often, we need to contact businesses landlords in order to get access to our commercial ice equipment. There’s no benefit to waiting until the last minute, because we still charge customers through the end of the 30-day cancellation notice.
  • Minimal wear and tear are expected on our machines, but take good care of our equipment. We purchase expensive top-of-the-line industrial ice makers, and it’s important that they're taken care of properly. The ice machine isn’t done being used just because you don’t need it. We hold customers liable for any equipment damage throughout the rental period.
  • Inform next business owners that the ice machine is not included. You can’t sell our equipment to anyone. Believe it or not, this actually happens. The next proprietor can sign a new rental agreement with us, but ultimately the machine has to be retrieved when you’re canceling your ice maker rental.

Limit the Risk

At Polar Ice, we try our best to earn our customers’ loyalty every day. This is why we offer free, 30-day cancellation to qualified customers throughout Denver Metro. Contact our Service Delivery Team with any questions or concerns.

Ice Maker Lease

Questions About Your Ice Maker Rental?

If you have any questions about your ice machine rental agreement, please give us a call, and we’ll be glad to go over the specifics. You can also contact us using the above form, and we’ll get right back to you.