Get Top Performance with Routine Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning

In order to continually supply your customers and employees with sanitary ice in Denver, you'll need regular commercial ice machine cleaning and maintenance. At Polar Ice, we offer a no-hassle solution. We handle your routine preventive ice machine cleaning and service, even going so far as to keep track of and schedule your biannual maintenance visits.

Whether you rent an ice machine from us or need commercial ice machine cleaning for your own equipment, we work to keep your ice supply safe and sanitary. Let Polar Ice take care of your ice machine.

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Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning in Denver

Extend the Life of Your Ice Machine with Maintenance and Cleaning

Ice Machine Repairs in Chicago

If you want your ice maker to continue performing at its best, routine commercial ice machine cleaning, maintenance, and sanitizing is required. Believe it or not, maintaining your commercial ice machine goes beyond just ensuring it produces ice efficiently. Since they are so frequently ignored in bars and restaurants, ice machines are one of the first areas that health inspectors target. So let us help you keep yours in great shape!

Our team of technicians has more than 60 years of experience servicing nearly every major ice maker brand, so you can trust our expertise.

Thanks to our all-inclusive rental program, you'll never miss a maintenance appointment. Your time is better spent on your business than worrying about your commercial ice equipment, so we make it our business to handle your ice - machine and all!

We'll Keep Your Ice Machine Performing at its Best

We are one of the only ice machine companies in the Denver area with the expertise and systems to take care of everything from commercial ice machine cleaning to repairs. Our approach to providing the best for your business is simple, because we, quite simply, do it all for you.

  • Maintenance and Sanitizing Monitored

    When it's time for your next maintenance appointment, we'll give you a call to schedule with one of our Denver-based technicians. Keeping track of professional service means your industrial ice maker will always be in the best possible shape.

  • Experts in the Industry

    Since 1958, we've been the leading providers for commercial ice machine cleaning and care in the Denver metro area. That means no other company in town knows ice machines like we do. We service all kinds of ice machines with all types of ice, so we’re the go-to ice supply company.

  • Consistent Production with Preventive Maintenance

    Without adequate care, an ice maker only lasts about five years - if you're lucky. We help keep your ice machine running in peak condition far past that time frame with our expert service. Routine maintenance and expert repairs are the most cost-effective choice.

Safe, Sanitary Ice Supply

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning at an Affordable Cost

Pay less for routine professional service with Polar Ice. We even keep track of service for you, so you’ll never miss a cleaning!