Crescent Ice

Every Denver Business Can Benefit from Crescent Ice

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Crescent Ice is the New Classic Cube

Any Denver business owner can appreciate the distinctive crescent shape of Hoshizaki's signature ice, also known as the KM Cube. This versatile ice has many applications:

  • Clear and slow-melting, crescent ice cubes preserve the flavor of carbonated drinks, beers, high-end whiskeys, and scotches.
  • The crescent ice cube's smooth, curved shape helps more cubes to fit in the glass, making drinks look fuller.
  • When pouring drinks, the crescent cube’s design even prevents liquids from splashing out on the counter.
  • Crescent ice is great for food prep and beer troughs, because it’s slow melting and solid.
  • In the office, workers may even need to take less trips to get ice, so this slower melting ice cube can improve productivity.

Bar owners, restaurant managers, and facility managers across a broad range of industries in Denver metro choose these commercial ice makers for their adaptability and versatility.

Right Ice Cube in the Right Sized Machine

In order to suit any industry, large or small, Hoshizaki commercial ice equipment comes in a wide variety of sizes. Polar Ice carries Hoshizaki ice machines that generate between 260 and 1900 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period.

Clearest Cubes with Hoshizaki Ice Machines

The KM evaporator rinses out many minerals and impurities, ensuring pure ice through every cycle. KM evaporators also individually form each ice cube, keeping this type of ice cube from clumping together. Stainless steel is used to make Hoshizaki KM evaporators, so they resist acid-based cleaners. If you choose a Polar Ice rental, your local Colorado technician will check everything at your routine ice machine cleaning and service to ensure your KM machine is running properly.

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Crescent Ice (KM Cube)
Brand Hoshizaki
Shape Crescent (Half-moon shape)
Available Models KM-515 KM-600 KM-660 KM-901 KM-1100 KM-1301 KM-1340 KM-1601 KM-1900 KMD-410 KMD-460
Width ½”
Depth 1 ⅛”
Height 1 ½"

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Curb your Costs with Crescent Ice

With a Polar Ice rental, you'll not only get a quality ice cube. You’ll also get service and repairs covered at no extra cost. See what we can do for your Denver business today!