Dice and Half Dice Ice

Dice and Half Dice Ice Cubes in Denver

Quick Cooling, Uniquely Created

Dice and half dice ice cubes are the best for any business in Denver seeking a unique type of ice with high, consistent output. Dice and half dice ice are Manitowoc's standard in their commercial ice machines. Both dice cube sizes are both crystal clear and slow melting, perfect for any beverage.

Get a commercial ice machine that produces quality half dice or dice ice cubes for an affordable price with a Polar Ice ice maker rental.

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All-Purpose Cube in the Coolest Shape

Reliable Ice Production for Every Business in Denver

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Dice / Half Dice Ice
Brand Manitowoc
Shape Dice
Half Dice
Available Models Dice IDT-0500 IDF-0600 IDT-0620 IDF-0900 IDT-1200 IDT-1500 IDT-1900
Half Dice IYT-0500 IYF-0600 IYT-0620 IYF-0900 IYT-1200 IYT-1500 IYT-1900
Width Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 3/8”
Depth Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 1 1/8”
Height Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 7/8"

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Best in Class Ice Cubes for Any Business

Half dice and dice ice are great cubes for restaurants, bars, offices, cafeterias, and everything in between. Find the right cube for your business!