Flake Ice

Flake Ice Machines in Denver Colorado

For Presentations or Food Prep, Choose Flake Ice

Ice doesn't have to just be for drinks or cocktails in Denver establishments. For presentations and salad bars, many customers use flake ice. Flake ice is easy to mold and wrap, so it can also be used in the healthcare field to treat and chill muscle and joint injuries.

Commercial ice equipment sold by Hoshizaki and Manitowoc produces smooth, moldable ice that's perfect for keeping things cold. With our ice machine rental program, Polar Ice ensures a consistent supply of flake ice for use in your business.

Never Worry About Your Flaked Ice Supply Again with Our All-Inclusive Rentals!


Create Enticing Presentations

Frost Up Specialty Drinks

Reliable Ice Machine Care

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Flake
Brand Hoshizaki/Manitowoc
Shape Flake
Available Models Hoshizaki and Manitowoc models available for special circumstances.
Width Varies in size
Depth Varies in size
Height Varies in size

Technical Documents

Manitowoc IceHoshizaki Ice

Take Control of Your Ice Supply

Rent a flake ice machine from Polar Ice, and never think twice about having the ice your business needs.

Flaked Ice Models by Request Only. Contact Our Sales Team for More Details.