Quality Hotel Ice Machine Rentals in Denver

Give your guests the best experiences when they have convenient access to quality hotel ice machines on every corridor and floor. Our low monthly rates let you put an ice machine everywhere you need one.

Hotel Ice Machines in Denver

Affordable Solution for Hotel Ice Machines

Utilize your capital the right way in the hospitality industry - by increasing your bottom line. Your low, fixed monthly ice machine rental is an easy way to ensure your hotel ice machine expenses stay within your budget. We help you invest your time and money back in what matters most – your guests.

Nonstop Support for the Industry that Never Sleeps

There's no downtime in the hospitality industry, so your ice machine needs to be able to keep up. A hotel ice maker rental in Denver ensures you'll have a reliable supply of ice all day (and night) long. We cover maintenance and repairs, so you never have to worry about your ice supply again. We even offer complimentary replacement ice during repairs to keep your guests happy and your ice bins full.

Take Care of your Guests, We’ll Handle the Rest

An ice machine rental from Polar Ice is different than other hotel ice machine solution in the Denver area. We make sure that you get everything you need for one low price. In your rental, we include twice-yearly maintenance, cleanings, sanitizing, repairs, and backup ice. If you’re also looking for an ice maker for sale, our team of experts can help you, too. Polar Ice provides your hotel with peace of mind and reassurance that you’ll never run out of ice!

Give Your Guests the Best with a Quality Hotel Ice Machine

Save time and money on your hotel ice machine that you can put back towards your guests. Our program the smartest solution for hotels across Denver!

Industries Served by Polar Ice:

  • Restaurants & Food Service

    A reliable restaurant ice maker is necessary for food service in restaurants and bars across Denver. From cooking preparation to salad bars and food displays to beverages, we have a commercial ice cube maker that’ll meet your ice needs. Find the right ice machine for your restaurant or bar today.

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  • Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

    Hospital ice maker rentals help guarantee that your patients and guests will always have ice on hand. Hospitals, physical therapy clinics, physicians' offices, and healthcare facilities can all maintain a steady supply of safe ice from our wide selection of hospital-grade ice machines. Learn how Polar Ice rentals ensure a safe, sanitary ice supply.

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  • Large Facilities

    Keeping work crews and employees hydrated throughout the workday is important when managing a corporate campus, transportation facility, resort, or university. Large facilities depend on quality industrial ice makers included in our program to keep up with the daily demand.

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  • Corporate Offices

    Purchasing agents and managers in corporate offices around Denver choose our quality, easily-maintained commercial ice cube makers for their employees and guests. We'll handle the office ice maker covered so you can handle business.

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  • Hotels & Hospitality

    For guests, ice isn’t an amenity, it's a necessity. The hospitality industry relies on our all-inclusive ice machine rentals for convenience and dependability. With us, you can get a hotel ice maker and dispenser on nearly every floor. You'll also have twice-yearly maintenance covered in Denver.

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