Expert Service and Ice Machine Repairs in Denver

Polar Ice has been the top choice for businesses seeking commercial ice machine service and quality ice machine repairs in Denver for more than 60 years. Unlike other commercial ice machine servicers, we won’t keep you waiting for days for a repair or let you run out of ice while you wait. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us.

Furthermore, our team has experience with nearly every major ice maker brand, making us the leading experts no matter what machine you have. We complete ice machine cleaning, maintenance, and repairs on time, so you’ll never have to worry about your ice supply.

Let Us Handle Your Ice Machine Service and Repairs in Denver Today!

Ice Machine Service and Repairs in Denver, Colorado

Affordable Ice Machine Repairs and Service

Preventive maintenance and cleanings keep your commercial ice machine running efficiently years beyond its factory lifespan. Manufacturers recommend their ice machines be professionally serviced at least twice per year. Don't worry about managing that; we call to schedule and perform the maintenance when it’s time.

If you ever need an ice machine repair in Denver outside of routine service, we’re only a phone call away. Our customer service lines are open 24/7 so that you always have access to our team of experts.

  • Routine Ice Machine Cleaning and Service

    There’s no need to keep track of your next service visit; we handle it all for you. When it’s time, we’ll reach out to you and schedule a visit from one of our factory-trained technicians to come to your location for your scheduled service.

  • Equipment Sanitizing and Disinfecting

    We make sure to take extra care of your ice supply, since the FDA considers ice a food. Sanitizing and disinfecting are included in routine service to ensure your ice supply is safe. We make it easy for your ice machine to pass health inspection with flying colors.

  • Commercial Ice Machine Repairs in Denver

    Professional Diagnostic Testing

    During every visit, our technicians test your industrial ice maker and its environment to make sure production is consistent. If your business is in a challenging environment, there’s no need to worry. We provide solutions to provide you with a reliable supply of ice year-round.

  • Commercial Ice Machine Service in Denver

    Factory-Trained Technicians

    We pride ourselves in our quick, quality ice machine service from industry-leading ice machine technicians. They have experience and skills gathered to repair major manufacturers like Manitowoc and Hoshizaki. Our industry knowledge ensures you’re getting expert service from every Polar Ice technician.

Breathe Easy Even a Mile High with Polar Ice

Give us a call if you’re looking for an ice machine repair or routine service in Denver or across the Front Range. We've built a reputation on helping businesses across Colorado keep their ice machines in top shape with our quality commercial ice machine service. It’s never been easier to maintain your ice maker than with Polar Ice. Our ice machine rental program is also available if you’re looking to upgrade your current equipment. Let the experts handle your ice, so you can focus on your business.

Ice Machine Service for Less

Let us take care of your ice machine in Denver. Maintenance, cleaning, and repairs available from factory-trained technicians