All Types of Ice Shapes for One Low Price in Denver

Get the Best Types of Ice Shapes for Your Denver Business

The best shape of ice is different for each business. Luckily, we include nearly every ice cube shape in our ice machine rental program in order to meet your needs. We have the perfect ice machines to make slow-melting crescent cubes for drinks, flaked ice for food storage, or cubelet ice for patients in hospitals and health care clinics throughout Denver. With every ice shape imaginable, we're sure to be The right solution for you.

Although most business owners know what type of ice cube they need, it can be more challenging to find and maintain the perfect ice machine for the job in Denver. An all-inclusive rental from Polar Ice covers everything for one low monthly charge, making it the best solution on the market. The commercial ice equipment, preventive maintenance, and even backup ice are included in your rental at no extra cost.

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Best Ice Shapes For Any Chicago Business Need

Crescent Ice Shapes

Best Type of Ice Cubes for Chicago Business

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Dice and Half Dice Ice

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Square Ice Cubes

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Cubelet Ice Shapes

Types of Ice Shapes

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Flake Ice Shapes

Types of Ice Shapes

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Sphere Ice Shapes

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No Matter the Type of Ice, We’ve Got You Covered

With ice shapes ranging from square to sphere and everything in between, we have an ice maker that’ll fit your needs – all included in your rental.