Industrial Ice Maker for Every Large Facility in Denver

The smartest way to get a reliable industrial ice maker for less is with a Polar Ice rental. Choose from our wide variety of equipment to find the right ice solution for your business.

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Twice-yearly Cleaning
  • Water Filter Replacements
  • Expert Repairs
  • Breakdown Ice
  • Equipment Upsizing

The Right Price for All Your Ice

We carry an affordable ice cube maker perfectly suited to your needs, regardless of the size of your Denver facility. Running out of ice never has to be a worry with Polar Ice, because we have high-volume ice machines that produce up to 1900 pounds per day. To ensure your commercial ice equipment is always producing ice consistently, we include preventive maintenance and free repairs in your rental.

 Industrial Ice Maker Machine in Colorado

Any Sized Industrial Ice Maker for You

Polar Ice offers the best ice maker solutions in the Denver area including a range of ice bins, commercial ice dispensers, and ice machine accessories. We also have ADA ice makers within our inventory, so everyone in your facility can access ice easily. All of our ice machines are Energy Star rated, ensuring plenty of ice at a lower utility cost.

Industrial Ice Machines in Denver Colorado

Budget for Your Ice Better

Our monthly ice machine rental program helps you save on the actual expense of your ice machine as well as service costs. Typically, owning an industrial ice maker means expensive ice maker repairs and upkeep. Our program takes care of it for you, though, for one manageable monthly fee. Preventive maintenance, repairs, cleanings, water filter replacements, and Breakdown Ice ensure your large facility will never go without ice.

Our Industrial Ice Machines are Up to the Task

Your hardworking staff shouldn't be interrupted by an ice machine complication. When you rent from us, you'll have access to top-of-the-line equipment from ice maker brands like Manitowoc and Hoshizaki that we maintain for you. You'll also have a team of experts techs 24/7 to help you keep your ice machine running at 100%.
Best Commercial Ice Maker Machine

Get the Job Done with an Industrial Ice Maker

The real work is done by your team - but we're here to keep them cool and hydrated. When you're ready to select your industrial ice maker for your large facility, give us a call and we'll help select the right unit. We carry commercial ice makers that produce anywhere between 250 and 1900 pounds of ice a day, perfect for every sized facility.

Industrial ice maker machines for your Denver business

Breakdown Ice Included

You need a dependable supply of ice for your valued staff. The perks of our rental program ensure your ice supply without fail. Not only are service visits and repairs covered in your rental, we include Breakdown Ice at no extra cost. Whenever your ice machine is awaiting repairs, we'll supply replacement ice until it's complete. If we can't get a tech out soon enough, we'll also cover the cost of any ice you purchase as well.

Industrial ice machines in Denver

Let Us Help You Grow

You can't afford to go without enough ice for your facility, no matter how your needs change. That's why we let you upgrade your equipment throughout our ice machine rental for free. All you pay is the installation fee and the new monthly rate, we handle the rest. Our upsizing program ensures your workers are never left without ice in their cups.


Industrial ice cube maker in Denver Colorado

Partner with The Ice Machine Experts

An industrial ice maker rental from Polar Ice is the ideal solution for every large facility. Instead of owning a machine (and the associated hassles), we’re here to offer you a revolutionary alternative that saves money while giving you access to top of the line products. Business owners throughout Denver choose us to handle their ice, because whether you’re renting or looking for an ice maker for sale, we’re the experts. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.


Find the Right Industrial Ice Maker for Your Large Facility

Give us a call today. and let our team of experts set you up with the perfect equipment for your facility. We offer the best solution for less.

Industries Served by Polar Ice:

  • Restaurants & Food Service

    A reliable restaurant ice maker is necessary for food service in restaurants and bars across Denver. From cooking preparation to salad bars and food displays to beverages, we have a commercial ice cube maker that’ll meet your ice needs. Find the right ice machine for your restaurant or bar today.

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  • Hospitals & Healthcare Providers

    Hospital ice maker rentals help guarantee that your patients and guests will always have ice on hand. Hospitals, physical therapy clinics, physicians' offices, and healthcare facilities can all maintain a steady supply of safe ice from our wide selection of hospital-grade ice machines. Learn how Polar Ice rentals ensure a safe, sanitary ice supply.

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  • Large Facilities

    Keeping work crews and employees hydrated throughout the workday is important when managing a corporate campus, transportation facility, resort, or university. Large facilities depend on quality industrial ice makers included in our program to keep up with the daily demand.

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  • Corporate Offices

    Purchasing agents and managers in corporate offices around Denver choose our quality, easily-maintained commercial ice cube makers for their employees and guests. We'll handle the office ice maker covered so you can handle business.

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  • Hotels & Hospitality

    For guests, ice isn’t an amenity, it's a necessity. The hospitality industry relies on our all-inclusive ice machine rentals for convenience and dependability. With us, you can get a hotel ice maker and dispenser on nearly every floor. You'll also have twice-yearly maintenance covered in Denver.

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