If your business in Denver has big ice needs, a larger ice bin from Polar Ice can store up to 1900 lbs. of ice a day. For storage centers, warehouses, grocers or even specialty markets, the high-volume commercial ice machines and bins are perfect. To help avoid ice clumping these machines also have an extra set of doors on the bottom and all have stainless steel exterior to make cleaning a breeze. Bottom doors allow for a first-in-last-out method of gathering ice, so you won’t it melting in the bottom of your bin.

An antimicrobial agent is used when treating our 1001-1900 lb. ice bins to prevent accidental contamination while handling the ice. Bin switch technology is also used on these machines to shut off ice production when the bin is full and prevent accidental overflow. Our ice machine leasing program covers any commercial ice equipment you need, machine and bin included. You’ll also have maintenance, cleaning, and repairs taken care of for one low monthly payment.

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