Every business needs ice, but smaller businesses in Denver don’t need it in such large quantities. It’s easy to find the right-sized industrial ice maker for your business because we offer machines as small as 300-500 lbs. Only a small amount of ice is required to keep customers happy at cafes, coffee shops, and other foodservice shops across Denver. Keep your ice supply fresh all day, too, with our 500-700 lb. ice bins. Small or countertop ice makers are best for businesses whose ice needs are modest. To make sure your ice supply stays as safe as possible, we treat all bins with an antimicrobial solution before installation.

When you lease through Polar Ice, we’ll routinely perform ice machine cleaning and service to keep up with our standards of sanitation. Any time you have issues with your equipment, we’ll repair or replace it at no extra cost. You’ll also have maintenance, cleaning, and repairs taken care of for one low monthly payment. Contact us today if you need 300-500 lb. ice equipment for your business in Denver!

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