Countertop ice machines are great for businesses with more modest ice needs. Keep up with quick lunch rushes or busy happy hours with an easily accessible countertop unit. These machines can either be installed on your countertop or on a specialty stand depending on your space. You’ll have easy access to your 200-400 lb. supply of ice with push-button or lever dispensers on our countertop ice machine. Choose from a variety of ice shapes, even square ice cubes, when you get a countertop unit through your Polar Ice ice machine lease in Denver.

You’re guaranteed to get the best commercial ice equipment on the market when you sign a lease with Polar. Our program also covers preventive maintenance, repairs and ice machine cleanings to keep your equipment in top shape. Just call our 24/7 customer service line any time to get started. During your lease, you can also call us any time you have questions or concerns. If you ever need a repair, we’ll send a technician out to your Denver location and cover backup ice in the meantime.

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