Crescent cube ice machines from Hoshizaki produce the hardest, clearest cubes on the market. Save your Denver business time and money with these slow-melting, solid cubes that are perfect for cocktails and other cold drinks. The unique design of the crescent cube allows liquids to easily cascade over the signature sloped edge of the ice. Their easy-glide shape reduces the chance of spills and splash back when pouring, leaving you with less of a mess. With Polar, you can get a Hoshizaki commercial ice machine ranging anywhere between 500-1900 lbs. of ice per day.

Leasing from Polar gives you access to quality crescent ice machines, preventive maintenance, commercial ice machine cleaning, repairs, and more – all for one low monthly payment. We also provide 24/7 customer service in your lease to ensure that your crescent ice machine stays in the best condition possible no matter what problems may come up. We’ll send a technician out to your location for an ice machine repair as soon as possible if we can’t resolve the issue over the phone.

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