Hoshizaki KM-1100MAJ Air Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

1,087 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KM-1100MAJ air cooled ice machine offers almost 1000 pounds of ice production in a 24-hour period in a compact, space-friendly size. The unit’s dimensions are 30″ W x 27 3/8″ D x 32 1/2″ H, narrow enough for two units to fit side-by-side on a large ice storage bin. It is rated to produce 935 lbs. in 24 hours with 90°F air and 70°F water, and features an integrated air-cooled condenser for simple installation and operation. As with all Hoshizaki KM cubers, this model produces the crescent ice cube, a uniquely shaped piece of ice featuring a round top and flat bottom. This shape allows it to drop into the bin individually and not clump together, making it much easier to handle, scoop, and dispense. The ice maker evaporator produces perfectly clear and hard cubes, which means better chilling ability and an attractive appearance in the cup or glass. And the rounded ice shape prevents beverages from splashing out of the glass while pouring or dispensing, making for a better customer experience. The big production and compact package of this unit also features stainless steel exterior panels, which not only looks great, but allows for better durability and ease of cleaning. This could be the perfect fit for your needs in the Denver metropolitan market!