Hoshizaki KMD-460MWH Water Cooled Crescent Ice Machine

505 lbs/day

The KMD-460MWH Hoshizaki ice machine is the first 30-inch version of the KMD series, designed specifically to fit on 30-inch wide ice and beverage dispensers. With a depth of 24 1/4″ and low height of 22 1/8″, this unit fits perfectly on a wide variety of 30″ commercial ice dispensers and provides a hefty 470 lbs. of ice per 24 hours (with 90°F ambient air and 70°F water). The stainless steel body panels make for an attractive presence if this unit is placed in the dining area as well as providing superior durability and cleanability. And the water-cooled condenser keeps the space cool by using water to remove heat from the refrigeration circuit instead of blowing it into the air. As with all KM units, this model produces Hoshizaki’s famous crescent cubes, which have a rounded shape that offers many benefits. The cubes remain individual and don’t clump; they are therefore easy to dispense and won’t clog; they nestle tightly in the cup, leading to high liquid displacement; and they minimize splash when a beverage is poured. All in all, a great solution for your Denver area customers!