Manitowoc IY-524A Air Cooled Half-Dice Ice Machine

485 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IY-524A ice machine produces up to 360 lbs of ice in 90F air and 70F water. Businesses with moderate ice needs can benefit from the Manitowoc IY-524A ice machine. This model measures 22” wide and is perfect for businesses with a limited wall-to-wall room. To make service as easy as possible, all Manitowoc Indigo series ice machines have easy-to-access components placed at the front of the unit. Overall, the easier a machine is to service, the longer it lasts. State-of-the-art components that help limit slime, scale, lime deposits are used when manufacturing Manitowoc ice machines. These machines also produce Manitowoc’s signature half-dice ice, one of the most popular ice shapes on the market because of its versatility. These cubes are a smaller version of their signature “rhomboid” shape with a more slender size. Half-dice ice machines produce cubes that also fill glasses better than standard square ice cubes, which makes drinks appear fuller and more appealing.