Manitowoc IDT-500A Air Cooled Dice Ice Machine

550 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IDT-500A ice machine produces a modest amount of ice that’s perfect for a variety of industries in Denver. Technicians love the Manitowoc IDT-500A because its front-access doors allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. These machines last a long time because the easier a machine is to service, the longer it lasts. State-of-the-art- components that limit slime, lime, and scale from forming are used in manufacturing the Manitowoc IDT-500A. The easyRead® display on these machines allow you to view machine information, schedule air/water filter change reminders, and program your ice production. These units produce dice ice (ID), a more classic variation on Manitowoc’s signature “rhomboid” cube. Their square ice shape helps elevate the look of cocktails and soft drinks alike.