Manitowoc IRT-500W Water Cooled Regular Ice Machine

500 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IRT-500W water cooled ice machine is a great choice for any industry with modest ice needs. Denver technicians love the Manitowoc IRT-500W because its front-access doors allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. These machines last a long time because the easier a machine is to service, the longer it lasts. Solid, slow-melting regular ice cubes from Manitowoc give your employees and guests the best possible ice experience. The IRT-500W machines also use technology to limit slime, lime, and scale growth. These units also have easyRead® displays to show information and air/water filter change reminders. For businesses with less than ideal ventilation standards, water cooled ice machines like these are great since they do not emit hot air into the surrounding environment. We carry Manitowoc IRT-500W machines in a variety of sizes so you can find what’s right for your business.