Manitowoc IYT-1900W Water Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine

1,930 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IYT-1900W ice machine produces over 1400 lbs of ice a day in 90F air and 70F water. The Manitowoc IYT-1900W is a great choice for businesses in Denver that need a quality cube for a variety of purposes. The Manitowoc IYT-1900W ice machine utilizes a water cooled condenser, so it’s a good solution for businesses that are tight on space or have poor ventilation. These machines use water to release heat during the ice-making process instead of air like a traditional air cooled ice machine. Manitowoc machines use intelligent diagnostics and an easy touch display to keep you updated on what your machine needs. These machines also produce Manitowoc’s half dice ice (IY) cubes, a smaller version of their dice ice cubes, that allow you to fit more cubes into the glass with their sleek, slender shape.