Maintain Your Ice Supply with Replacement Ice

Our Program Guarantees Replacement Ice in Denver

Even the best industrial ice makers break down sometimes, but that doesn't mean your ice supply has to break down too. When you sign up for our ice machine rental program, we'll make sure you have replacement ice in Denver through our Breakdown Ice program. Our rentals include both your repairs and replacement ice supply, so you can focus on your business.

Replacement Ice Included in Your Polar Ice Rental. Get Started Today!

Replacement Ice Available for Denver Businesses

While our expert technicians handle your ice machine repairs, we provide replacement ice at no extra cost. A 10-pound bag of ice costs around $4, which can add up depending on how much ice you need. An ice machine rental from Polar Ice takes care of those costs for you as a part of your low monthly payment. Denver business owners choose us, because we know what it takes to keep your ice supplied year-round.

Our rental program is the best solution for getting reliable commercial ice equipment in Denver. And it's the easiest way to ensure you have cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and even backup ice covered. With us, your customers and employees will always have a fresh ice on hand.

Peak Ice

In select Denver markets, our Peak Ice program ensures you won't run out of ice when demand is especially high, such as when you have special events or it’s an unusually hot day. We’ll provide extra ice if your ice machine can’t keep up.

Peak Ice isn’t a free service like replacement ice is for our Denver customers, but it’s an easy, efficient option when your normal supply won’t be enough for your employees or customers.

Give Polar Ice a call to determine availability and pricing, as our Peak Ice program is always expanding.


We follow FDA guidelines that define ice as food, so all of our replacement ice is always FDA-approved. Having food-grade quality ice available at no extra cost provides Denver business owners with a guaranteed ice supply and peace of mind. Our standards are high when it comes to equipment, service, repairs, and Breakdown Ice.

Endless Ice at the Perfect Price

Breakdown Ice is included in your ice machine rentals. Our low monthly rates and comprehensive program makes us the go-to for everything related to ice.