Sphere Ice Balls

Slow Melting Sphere Ice for Denver Bars

Slow-Melting Sphere Ice Balls for Spirits and Cocktails

Upgrade Your Ice with a Sphere Ice Machine Rental from Polar Ice!


Don’t Be Square, Be Sphere Instead

Only the cleanest water flows into the evaporator chambers of Hoshizaki's sphere ice cube makers, so you'll have clear ice every time. Two half-domes of ice come together to make a perfectly round ice cube that's perfect for any cocktail. You'll always have the clearest sphere ice cubes because Hoshizaki restaurant ice makers remove high-mineral water during the ice-making process.

Sphere Ice, a Bartender’s Best Friend

As the ideal commercial ice machine for bartenders, sphere ice makers like the Hoshizaki IM-50BAA-Q are even compact enough to fit under bars. These machines can produce up to 50 pounds of ice per day, producing around 500 solid sphere cubes during each cycle. The stainless-steel exteriors of these machines are clean looking, and their production withstand even the busiest bars in Denver.

Dependable Ice Supply with an Innovative Design

To produce crystal-clear sphere ice cubes, Hoshizaki machines use only the cleanest water. In a Polar Ice rental, we also include biannual preventive maintenance and professional ice machine cleaning and service to keep your ice cubes safe and sanitary in Denver. Taking your guests experience to the next level has never been easier than with sphere ice from Polar Ice.

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Sphere Ice
Brand Hoshizaki
Shape Sphere
Available Models IM-50BAA-Q
Diameter 1.8”

Technical Documents

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Your Cocktails Will Be Both Cool and Cold with Sphere Ice Balls

Our rental program gives you access to a top-of-the-line Hoshizaki sphere ice machine for less. Get a sphere ice machine for your bar today!